Opportunity to thank you!

Erika Portlock , 26 Oct 2017

Dear James,

I wanted to take an opportunity to Thank you.

The countless hours that both you and Nick put into the house was an enormous undertaking and I simply could not have done it alone or without your steadfast support and expertise.

On a personal note I want to thank you for your decency and respect. The empathy and compassion you demonstrated toward both my children and me personally can not be measured. Your concern for our relocation, your encouragement and understanding of the difficulties I constantly faced was a testament to you as a person. I am very grateful and humbled by your care. 

I appreciate that you went above and beyond anything ever expected of a Real Estate Agent and that what you make financially out of this sale can NEVER equate to the time, effort and personal dedication you put into the house preparation, sale and settlement of the property.

We worked together throughout the process it was primarily you who got it to this point.

You didn't have to take the bins out each week for me (a gesture that often left me in tears) dismantle my furniture so I didn't have to hire someone, do all the heave lifting, offer moral support, provide financial assistance or call to check all was well with your work but you did all of this often and without prompting and with complete integrity.

Please also accept the thanks of my children who had an opportunity to witness a man behave so honorably and work so diligently on their behalf always with their best interest in mind.

Thank you James and Nick for everything

I am beyond grateful